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I want my life back

He sat in his car, which was parked in front of his office. The voice mail he just received reminded him of the program at his daughter’s elementary school that day, and his son’s basketball game that evening. His day was meetings from 9am till 9pm, with quick breaks for lunch and dinner. Again, he found himself choosing between his commitments to his work, which he recognized as important and valuable, and his family, which he valued beyond measure. “After all,” he thought, “I’m doing all of this for them, aren’t I?”

True, we all have choices to make, and often are faced with far more opportunities than we can possibly entertain. Yet this fellow has built a professional life that he feels is robbing him of time with his wife and children – time he can’t get back. He does not want to continue this way, but also does not know what to change, or how. All he knows is this, “I want my life back.”

Where can you turn when faced with this dilemma? Who has been there before, and can walk with you toward the life you desire, the life you dream of? Contact iVM and let us connect you with someone who can help.