Fees For Services

Institute for Vital Ministry
Coaching, Spiritual Direction and Consulting Services
2016 Standard Rates for Non-Profits and Ministries

Coaching, Pastoral Counseling & Spiritual Direction

Sessions are typically 50 minutes. Any time past the first hour is billed by the ¼ hour.

  • Telephone: $125
  • In person: $125 + mileage reimbursement roundtrip from Allen, TX

Consulting & Training

  * The following rates assume 1 hour of pre/post work for each billable hour facilitating.

Services include: Strategic Planning, Mission and Visioning, Board Retreat, Organizational Development, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Leadership Skills, Discernment Processes, Career Planning, Ministry Discernment and Formation, Feasibility Study, Community Asset Mapping, Team Building, Strengths Based Leadership, Innovation.

Local (within 60 mile drive of Allen, TX)

  • $175 / hour on site facilitating, minimum $425.
  • Full day = $1200

Ongoing consultation over an extended period

  • Retainer Paid in advance in 3 hour increments = $450

Travel required

  • Minimum 1/2 day @ $600.
  • Plus expenses: mileage or flight at my discretion, meals, & accommodations.

Client receives written reports within 1 week of conclusion of work.

Services to for-profits: coaching @ $ 240/ hr; consulting @ $450/ hr, $3000 / day.

  * These fees may be adjusted depending on extenuating circumstances.
  * Discounts available for paying multiple sessions in advance and for continuing clients.


Download our current iVM 2016 Standard Rate Sheet here.