Community Internships

Director:     Ken G. Crawford, owner of Synchronous Life
214-288-1663 ~ Ken at SynchronousLife dot com


  • Develop and lead an internship program in community agencies
  • Establish Peer Learning Communities for staff and as a program offering to the community agency service recipients
  • Provide individual and group coaching for staff and volunteers

Rationale:   Learning goes deeper and has a more lasting impact when it is contextualized. Additionally, a supportive community allows the learner to overcome obstacles to learning (disruptive attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and relationships) and establish supportive practices over time. Such communities are more effective when informed by best practices and nurtured by trained facilitators. Ideally, the learner will internalize new norms that will foster the repeated initiation of similar experiences in multiple settings over a lifetime of growth and development. People committed to serving and supporting others need to prioritize self-care, personal growth and professional development.

Service offering suggestions:
The best you have to offer others is for you to be your best.
The following are examples of possible services:

  • Internship Program: Participants will come together in a peer group for regular (weekly, biweekly or monthly) didactic seminars, group building, and peer supervision through case studies, verbatim seminars, and appreciative inquiry practices.  Dyads would offer weekly peer coaching, and each person would receive monthly individual coaching. Participants would learn to critically reflect on their experiences, assess their own strengths and weaknesses, and integrate their learning into a more focused vocational vision.
  • Peer Learning Community: Groups would be formed and receive training to become self-directed peer learning communities.
  • Individual and Group Coaching: Staff and/or volunteers would be offered coaching for personal and professional development.

Thank you for considering including us in your organization. We look forward to earning your business and providing you with exceptional content and service.

Please contact Ken Crawford for further conversation. For additional information, please connect with us at: & KenGCrawford on Linkedin.


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