Supervision for Ministry

Support for the journey. Encouragement and accountability in community. Personal and Ministry Growth with Integrity, Vitality and Harmony.

Christian Ministry is not meant to be a solitary venture. Throughout the Bible those whom God called also had companions for their journey. Many had mentors and coaches who taught, guided, challenged, encouraged, and asked provocative questions that pushed them to think deeper and reach further.

This program is designed for individuals in ministry who would like to develop a deeper faith life and a more vital ministry while remaining physically and emotionally healthy. Christian ministry brings real sacrifices, and we may get crucified, metaphorically if not literally, even multiple times. BUT, we are not called to crucify ourselves as proof of our love for God. Christian ministry should offer us peace and joy even in the midst of the struggles.

The program of companioned learning includes the following:

This program is ideal for those individuals who are new to ministry, serving in a new role or location, those who feel isolated in their ministry role, and those who are discerning the need in their own lives for renewal. Benefits are similar to those found in Supervised Ministry at SMU or TCU, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and Lilly funded Pastoral Residency programs.

If you, your congregation/ministry setting, or someone you know would benefit from this program, please contact me for further conversation by calling 214-288-1663 or emailing


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