The Institute for Vital Ministry will facilitate a variety of programs and events throughout the year that bring together partners in creative ways to leverage their contributions for greater impact. These programs have a three-fold mission:

  1. Enable partner agencies and institutions to collaborate more effectively and efficiently
  2. Provide training and formation opportunities
  3. Bring visibility and resources to community agencies

Our programs and events will fall into several broad categories:

  • Workshops – training and formation for learners, focused on specific topic or content areas
  • Conferences – bringing together practitioners and learners to share and explore a variety of themes
  • Immersion weeks – intense facilitated experiences embedded into a community or context different from your own, together with peers
  • Internships – extended immersion, typically 1 day / week, over a semester, that will include peer group process.
  • Group Coaching – bring your context into a community of peer learners where together you reflect and grow



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