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Supporting you
in pursuit
of God’s call.

The Institute for Vital Ministry provides leadership coaching, spiritual direction, pastoral counsel and missional consulting to clergy, laity and congregations.

Our purpose is to enhance the spiritual and ministry vitality of individuals, congregations and communities as they seek to discern and follow God’s call promote human flourishing.

To do this, we explore the unfolding landscape of ministry and mission through:

  • Research and interviews with practitioners
  • Writing, publishing and speaking to provide resources for this audience
  • Individual and group spiritual life coaching to people who are
    disaffected from traditional expressions of faith and congregational life
  • Spiritual formation coaching to laity seeking to grow in their ministries
  • Spiritual, emotional and vocational support coaching to clergy
  • Mission vitality coaching to congregations

How can you participate?

I invite you to join me in this work by doing the following:

  • Join the conversation: Follow on Facebook and Twitter @ iVitalMinistry
  • Participate in one of ministry programs, retreats or coaching
  • Tell us your story. How are you being transformed in your mission and ministry? iVitalMinistry.org/Stories
  • Spread the word to others who would be interested in supporting our efforts.
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