iVM Program Overview

As the Institute for Vital Ministry develops, we will:

Provide individual and group spiritual life coaching to people who are
disaffected from traditional expressions of faith and congregational life

  • Through interactions in the community, listen for an identify conversation opportunities. These could take place at formal networking meetings, at The Grove and other coworking spaces, and in “the market” i.e. any public place where people gather for socialization, recreation or commerce.
  • Many of these conversations may be spontaneous “pastoral encounters” that are hopefully commonplace in pastoral ministry.

Provide spiritual formation coaching to laity seeking to grow in their ministries

  • Through collaborative relationships with clergy, denominations, congregation leaders and other ministries, identify lay leaders who desire a deeper, more directed, or simply different type of spiritual and ministry leadership training and development than is provided in their local setting.
  • Coaching will be provided individually or in group settings, organized and hosted either by iVM or another group.

Provide spiritual, emotional and vocational support coaching to clergy

  • Through clergy support networks, denominational structures, seminaries and other ministry training institutions, identify clergy who seek and will benefit from individual or group coaching.
  • Individual and coaching can be provided either in person, by phone or video conference. Group coaching may be either facilitated or using peer coaching.

Providing mission vitality coaching to congregations

  • Through interactions with seminaries, judicatories, and directly with congregations, identify opportunities to offer coaching and training. This work includes single topic sessions as well as comprehensive transformation work.
  • Coaching will be offered to congregations and nonprofits on site, at denominational events, and at conferences or retreats sponsored by iVM or as a guest of another program or organization.

This will increasingly be accomplished by gathering a team of people, including coaches and spiritual directors, who can provide these opportunities under the iVM umbrella or as affiliates. Most services will be offered on a sliding scale fee for service and/or subscription model.

Download IVM Program Overview PDF


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