Visualizing Collaboration

Paraglider1This image of a paraglider represents one way of visualizing IVM and the interrelationship of the various parts. It is rooted in the notion of connection and collaboration of multiple constituent partners, each of whom offer one or multiple aspects of the overall proposal. Each of the panels and sets of chords can be understood to represent one of these partners (an institute, center, school, foundation, agency, or other organization). The IVM stitches them together, facilitating networking, mutual learning, knowledge and resource sharing. As a whole, the sail is filled by the warm life-giving updrafts of the Holy Spirit, which in turn lift the whole church, as described by Paul in Ephesians 4:11-13.

Similarly, on a smaller scale the image works as a surf kite, where one organization or subgroup joins together multiple aspects of the whole. Each is made stronger by partnership and participation in the whole. As we move forward, we envision drawing together conversation partners, some of whom will choose to participate at a deeper level of intentionality with IVM. At whatever level of participation, we seek to offer a place at the table for anyone who desires to participate, at whatever level they can contribute and also experience benefit for their own efforts.

A particular agency or center, dedicated to specific constituencies, efforts or modalities may be represented by a panel. Other panels may actually be a composite of multiple individuals or smaller organizations with a common trait (such as coaches, group facilitators or spiritual directors) each of which are a chord for that panel. In this way, IVM also becomes a sourcing station for all the resources, talents and gifts available from any of the participants – a “one stop shop” for those seeking to promote vital ministry for individuals and congregations.


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