story to tellThe following stories help to illustrate the questions, needs, hopes, aspirations, struggles and pain points of those who will find the Institute for Vital Ministry a valuable partner on their journey toward full and effective ministry in their personal and community life. Do you have a story that describes your journey from stuck to unstuck, from confusion to clarity, from fear to boldness? Have you found yourself wanting to live a more full and vibrant life of faith, but not known how to do this or where to turn? We’d love to hear your story.

  • When do churches grow? -   What “causes” churches to grow is a different but related question. For the moment, I’m wondering about what else is true concurrently with church growth. Here’s a partial list that comes to mind. What would you add? When they … Continue reading
  • Clergy Renewal before Lent -   Come away and rest awhile. Be renewed in Body, Mind and Spirit. Lent and Easter are a busy time in the life of a congregation, and most especially for clergy and other ministry leaders.  Now that your planning is … Continue reading
  • Lessons from Leadership Struggles - Trying to form a theologically diverse community – harder than I thought…  
  • Vital Ministry Webinar: Rev. Justin Hancock - Justin leads The Julian Way, a ministry to the church and the community that affirms the God-given embodiment of each person and the importance of true community as a means of enabling all people to progress toward their fullness in God. Continue reading
  • Vital Ministry Webinar with Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer - Beyond Resistance is a template for those devoted to the the idea that faith should be just, generous and inspire commitment to the common good. The rise of postmodernity and its influence on the expression of faith are not the cause of religion’s perceived diminishment in capacity, relevance, and impact. To the contrary, both the Institutional Church and those who hold faith in a postmodern key can—and should—be allies in a common cause. Continue reading
  • Patient Trust - Above all, trust in the slow work of God. We are quite naturally impatient in everything to reach the end without delay. We would like to skip the intermediate stages. We are impatient of being on the way to something … Continue reading
  • Author Talk || Morgan Guyton - Christianity has always been about being saved. But today what Christians need saving from most is the toxic understanding of salvation we've received through bad theology. The loudest voices in Christianity today sound exactly like the religious authorities who crucified Jesus. Continue reading
  • 2015 Year End Ministry Update - 2015 was a year filled with rewarding ministry, meaningful accomplishments, and major transitions. Thanks for your support along the way. _______________________   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As we continue to journey together through the Christmas season, I want … Continue reading
  • VOCATION – Finding Your Voice - Your vocation is “The voice with which your life speaks things into existence in the world.” This idea derives from the Latin etymology – vocare (to call) and vox (voice). The Hebrew text from Genesis 1 describes how God’s voice … Continue reading
  • iVM Summer 2015 Announcement - The Institute for Vital Ministry – Companions for your journey. Summer 2015 Dear Friend in Faith, I am writing to ask you to become an early adopter and supporter as I launch my new nonprofit – The Institute for Vital … Continue reading


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